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Jotaio wifi development board demo with android app

In this demo we will test JOTAIO WIFI DEVELOPMENT BOARD on smart phone from android app named as “JOTAIO WIFI Development APP”. Follow the following steps and enjoy onboard testing.

  • Connect the development kit to your computer using USB CABLE
  • Open the Arduino Ide Select COM PORT connected to the Kit
  • Download arduino code given in folder and paste the to Arduino ID
  • Simultaneously press reset and program button
  • 1st release the reset button then release the program button
  • In Arduino ide click on the upload button
  • After successful uploading the program in JOLTAIO WIFI DEVELOPMENT BOARD again press RESET button.
  • Now your JOLTAIO WIFI DEVELOPMENT BOARD is sending its own WIFI signal.
    Android App
  • Install the APP in your cell phone and open it
  • Click the ON/OFF button on app to connect it with Joltaio wifi board
  • Click on LED like buttons on APP and respective LED will glow on the DEVELOPMENT BOARD.