JoltaIO Developer Center

Hardware Setup

Powering the Development Board
The easiest way to power the Board is by connecting a 1 amp mobile charger or USB cable to the micro-B USB jack. The other end of the USB cable can be connected to your computer .After powering the board, make sure the ON/OFF switch is pushed down into the “ON” position, and you should see the “PWR” LED illuminate.
Installing and Configuring
To get a working environment go over these steps:
  • Download and install the Arduino IDE.
  • Go to File --> Preferences and add the link to the Additional Boards Manager URLS.
  • Go to Tools --> Board --> Boards manager
  • You should now have the esp8266 as an option there since you have added it to the Additional Boards. Select it and press Install
    After some seconds installation will complete…
    Now, you have the ESP8266 boards configure. Choose the board you have, in our case it will be… "Generic ESP8266 Module"
    Choose the WIFI BOARD COM PORT
    Final setting to program the module should be according to the picture given below.
    Now you are ready to program the development BOARD.