JoltaIO Developer Center

Update the firmware of J0LTAIO DEBVELOPEMENT BOARD

If someone wants to reboot the board at default setting then update the new firmware in development board by following the steps given bellow.

  • Visit the following link and download the esp8266_flasher.
  • Visit the following link to download the esp8266 firmware or esp8266 any firmware
  • Run the esp8266_flasher
  • Click on the bin and select the bin file from firmware folder
  • Select the com port to which development board is connected
    Now set the board in program mode
  • Simultaneously press reset and program button
  • 1st release the reset button then release the program button
    Now JOLTAIO board is ready to upload the new firmware
  • Now click on the upload button and uploading will start
  • At the end if you got an error message at 99% uploading stage, then ignore it
  • Close the flasher and your dev board has new firm having baud rate of 9600
  • You can change baud rate to 115200 as:
    Open the serial monitor in Arduino software and send the following commands from serial monitor. AT you will get “OK” AT+CIOBAUD =115200 to set the baud rate of 115200
  • Now your board is ready to upload new program from Arduino IDE and it has name of ESP series
  • Please see the detail guideline of uploading the program from new program uploading section
  • After you have uploaded the program connect the JOLTAIO DEVELOPRENT BOARD with JOLTAIO WIFI APP
  • Go to the wifi setting a and connect the mobile with wifi of JOLTAIO DEVELOPMENT BOARD
  • In start board has no password; firstly you have to set the password from wifi setting and then set SSID as you desire.