JoltaIO Developer Center


  • 10 LED like buttons to make ON/OFF the LED’S on WIFI Board
  • By default Board’s pins have been configured as OUTPUT pin
  • In order to connect with JOLTA-IO board, press the power button
  • A list of available wifi connection will be displayed and click on joltaio dev
  • Enter the password and click on save option
  • Tap the power button(blue color) to start communication between APP and JOLTAIO WIFI DEVELOPMENT BOARD
  • As communication will start the power button will become red
  • After the WIFI is connected click on any LED on APP you will see the real time response on respective LED on JOLTAIO WIFI DEVELOPMENT BOARD.
    • Analog button is to get the analog value from analog pin of WIFI BOARD
    • Slide Slider is to send analog values to control the speed of any device.
  • To send PWM value first click on D10 button and then slide the slider
  • LED D10 will glow with variable intensity according to value send through slider
  • You can change of SSID (name) and PASSWORD of WIFI board according to user own choice
  • You can click on Reset button to reset the WIFI board
  • Power led is to check either the WIFI board is on or off